lördag 27 september 2008

Two More Tunes

Posted this at Kontrollrummet and electro-music.com: Invulnerable and this at Kontrollrummet: Talon.

"Invulnerable" is an experimental thing that I enjoy listening to myself but I'm not sure if it really works outside my brain. The reception at Kontrollrummet was varied - some like it and some didn't like the quirky percussion.

"Talon" was writted yesterday while walking to work. I take a long route to and from work everyday that includes a 40 minute walk, during which first the chorus words and then the main bassline crept into my head in the morning. Having bad experiences in the past with great ideas in the morning that evaporate during the work day, I kept humming the tune to myself and did an attempt at score notes when I got to the office (I got the note pitches wrong but the timing was right). I managed to keep it in my brain until today, and recorded most of it before lunch. It's a simple pop tune.

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