tisdag 5 augusti 2008

The monome

When I saw the monome 40h (8x8 grid of buttons that light up) on a YouTube vid, I thought that it looked like a really cool thing, but didn't think much more about it. Then, when I noticed that they were making a 256 button version, my mind started racing so hard, that the only way to stop it (besides being constantly drugged or jumping off a cliff) was to get it. So I did. And i don't regret it. The obvious comparision is Yamaha's Tenori-On, but from what I gather that isn't as configurable as I'd like, and it doesn't have that gorgeous OSC support that makes programming the monome such a pleasure.

I've made a couple of ChucK apps for it since I got it:

A simple usage of LiSa in combination with the monome makes a great fun samper/sequencing experience.

The accordeome is a kind of MIDI keyboard with a layout that facilitates playing chords.

The note sequencer is one of those sequencer apps that you instinctively make on the monome - though I made a piano roll like thingy instead of sample grains or parts. I think it works fairly ok.

I made a digital Clock, that displays on the monome's buttons.

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