tisdag 5 augusti 2008


Here are some links to music stuff that I've done:

Stuff I've posted at www.electro-music.com - this site is great for anyone remotely interesting in electronic music, incredibly friendly and knowledgable people from all parts of the spectrum. I can't begin describing the impact this site and the people who make it up have had on my view on life and music.

I like do dabble with music things - I trained classical guitar until my teacher threw me out for not practicing around the age of ten. I wrote a song while biking back from a biology excursion at the age of 13. A friend gave me a copy of Soundtracker for my Amiga when I was 16 - enlightenment! Then I played the electric organ for a year or two - cheerful oompha music but at least I got to train my fingers. Around when I went to study at the university I got my old nylon string back, and started occasionally plucking it at random. A bought an old DX7. I made a song by hooking two tape decks together and overdubbing a borrowed Roland MU32, guitar and high-pitched singing about a porno nightmare. I bought a Washburn acoustic with steel strings too cheap from a friend who needed the money. I got a Fostex fourtrack and recorded 20 minutes of original stuff a month for several years. I bought an Ibanez roadstar something from a friend who didn't play it. I got an Amiga CDTV, which along with a CD of tracker samples made a great drum machine. I got my first PC, and a copy of Cubase. I compiled a CD of my own material and gave it to a girl. I made several more, pestering my friends with them. I got more instruments. I started using Ableton Live. I wrote this blog entry.

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